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Peter Blast has been performing Live for over Forty - Five years and for half that amount of time he has been releasing Records and CD's with different record labels and distribution companies; both Major and Indies.
"Peter Blast walks a fine line of Elegance and Balls and his lyrical interpretive skills stand right alongside the likes of The Boss, Bruce Springsteen" (Anne Leighton, NYC)… "Peter Blast dazzles, Peter Blast shines, Peter Blast rocks…in fact Peter Blast makes me sick! How can one person be so talented; he’s like a fine Barolo, a living legend with pure RnR running through his veins" (Chris Rockson, Punk Globe & Sound-Check Magazine, UK).
"Painting Without Canvas" By: Peter Blast. "You can feel Peter's musical history deep down in your bones. Emotions run high and are breathtaking".
(Punk Globe USA, 2015 By: The Gypsy Poet USA).

"Peter Blast / Wind Horses", Special Edition (2017). This is Brand New material that represents outlaw rockers and reckless desperado's with gypsy heart'ed souls who are known not to stay in any one place for a very long period of time but continue to hold true to their Branded style of music and unique ways of life... This is Americana, Country Rock. Two Tracks on one Disc. Peter Blast: Vocals, Lap Slide, Acoustic, Electric Guitars, Bass and Percussion / Heather Horton: Vocals, Fiddle (Trk. 2) / Mark Andes: Bass (Trk. 2) / D.C.: Drums (Trk.2).
Songs: "Population Zero" & "Dance With Me". Written & Produced By: Peter Blast.

"Peter Blast / Painting Without Canvas" released Worldwide 2015.  From the opening guitar riffs of "Run Baby Run" with those haunting, make you think twice, lyrics "You'll ride that white lightning all the way to hell, so run baby run...from yourself" you know this is going to be something special.  "Painting Without Canvas" is an adventure of the seen & unseen and ranges from Melodic Rock, Country, Folk Blues, Poetic Ballads, Authentic Southwestern Cowboy Songs, Pop Rock, and Slow, Low Down & Dirty Chicago / Delta Blues.  This release weaves through timeless realistic situations that leaves you to paint your own mental pictures; as in Peters last track that has you standing in the rain & mud feeling like your about to become witness to a Cowboy giving his final confession to the hangman, only seconds before swinging into his own destiny. This material is Americana in all shapes and sizes.  Take Note that the songs "The Crossroads Hotel and Paint It Black" are Re-Mastered and sounding fresher then ever. These two are included in this collection for they are now out of physical print from their original past releases.  Guest Performances By: Mark Andes: Bass (Heart, Spirit, Firefall, Ian McLagan, Jo Jo Gunne, Canned Heat), Bob Lizik: Bass (The Brian Wilson Group), Willy Schwarz: Accordion (Tom Waits), Chip Znuff: Bass, Heather Horton: Vocals, Violin,  Dan Curry: Drums (Hi-Fi & The Roadburners), Kenny Harck: Drums (Badfinger, The James Young Group, Styx, Off Broadway) along with a cast of many great artists who all contributed extraordinary performances in the making of "Peter Blast / Painting Without Canvas".

Peter released a new CD in 2012, "PETER BLAST / WHITE VOODOO" which takes you on a journey through Americana meets British Rock but don’t stop there for it is only the beginning. This is all brand new Peter Blast material that is uniquely crafted and blended to flow as if you were listening to a mid-1970's LP. "PETER BLAST / WHITE VOODOO" kicks off with a taste of loose and reckless guitar weaving Rock-N-Roll reminiscent to the Original New York Dolls, The Rolling Stones, and the Sex Pistols all rolled up into one on the first track. Peter moves onto more radio friendly choice cuts complete with melodies and sing along hooks before stirring up the pot with Snaky Blues, Classic Rock, and Sixties R&B with a twist. Now add in the spice of an up tempo Tex-Mex Rocker that will have you swaying away with the night, front porch Country Blues, Adult Contemporary, a bit of Edgy Powerhouse Pop and back full circle with more Blues Based Rock. "PETER BLAST / WHITE VOODOO" serves up a full plate and should be listened to from beginning to end to fully capture and appreciate the uniqueness and diversity of the true Peter Blast sound. This new Peter Blast material has special guest performances by members and ex-members of The Small Faces, Faces, The Rolling Stones, Some Girls tour group i.e. Ian McLagan; Rick Richards of Izzy Stradlin's JuJu Hounds, Sami Yaffa of Hanoi Rocks, The NY Dolls, & Michael Monroe; Rick Price from The Georgia Satellites; Chip Znuff of Enuff Znuff; Dan Curry from Hi-Fi & the Roadburners; and also members of Peter Blast Power Company, i.e. Gaby Zero, Pablo Castro (Buenos Aires, AR) and Spyder Darling and Dan Curry from the Peter Blast Group (USA) to mention a few. This is when Peter formed his side group "The Reckless Desperado's" for recording material & Live Dates Without Drums.

Peter Released an EP in 2010 "PETER BLAST / Straight Up No Ice" Four Rockers with Performances by Sami Yaffa, Rick Richards, Geno Martino, Chip Znuff, Pablo Castro, and Dan Curry.; Tracks recorded by: John Carpenter;
Tracks Mixed and Mastered by: Jeff Luif.

In 2008 Peter Released "PETER BLAST / A Plush Horse...with a Monkey on a String", an array of Peter Blast twists and turns material; Recording with Steve Conte (Paul Simon, Willie DeVille, NY Dolls & Michael Monroe) Bob Lizik (The Brian Wilson Group) Chip Znuff (Enuff Znuff), Dan Curry (HI - FI & The Roadburners) and others. NOTE: Steve & Peter did a cover of Johnny Thunders "Dead or Alive" together on this release along with two other Blast Tracks. Recorded by: Don Griffin; Mixed & Mastered by: Jeff Luif.

In 2006 Poptown Records (NY) Released an Anthology, "Peter Blast Pure Organic Junk", Fifteen Tracks, some unreleased material & unreleased re-mixes, past groups Peter Led and also includes two New Tracks added in for good measure.
Some other past "Peter Blast Releases" are still in print... and some are not. Past Peter Blast Releases Include: "PETER BLAST / TRACKS"(2005) ..."PETER BLAST / EXPLODE" (2004 & Re -Released in 2009) ... "PETER BLAST / This Side of Shang - Hi" (2000) ... "Junebug / Ticket to Hell" R.E.D. Distro...(1995) Mixed by Phil Bonanno (Eye of the Tiger for the Film Rocky by Survivor), Cheap Trick, Dave Mason & others.

Peter has had his music in films, such as the Original VHC Version of "Henry, Portrait of a Serial Killer (1980's)"; and SugarBoxx (2009) to mention a few.
The rest of the 80's and early 90's Peter Performed Several Live Dates with his Group "The BLAST FACTORY".

In 1978 Peter's Punk Rock Group "DEGENERATION" was documented as being the Very First Punk Rock Group to Ever Perform Live on The Fabulous Las Vegas Strip.